Then there is the music - excellent songs by Tripolino and Chiarella. It is surely only a matter of time before these great composers reach the giddy heights of Broadway. With every outing their songs grow more sophisticated, both musically through Tripolino, and with the clever and witty lyrics of Chiarella…one can’t help but be reminded of a young Sondheim in these offerings….there’s an edge of Sweeney Todd in the blackness of it all.
— Stage Whispers
the creative maturity of this trio is impressive, and pleasing to know that the development of new Australian work is in very good hands.
— Arts Review
The show’s three original and vastly different songs run the gamut of human emotion. Hilarious yet moving by turns, they are all immediately accessible time pieces, reflective of America’s jazz age and post war depression.
— Theatre People
Viable new musicals don’t come along every day... Music and action are seamlessly intertwined, and Dreamsong has an engaging storyline, brought to life with dynamic acting, vocals and choreography…Dean Bryant’s solid direction moulds the production into slick and propulsive black comedy.
— The Age
…engaging, intelligent and thought provoking
— Theatre People
a terrific pop score with lyrics that range from the truly inspired to the inane/cheesy. It IS a show where there are two or three numbers you could come out singing…plus some terrific “point” show tunes, and that in itself is a rarity. The casting throughout is terrific but the brilliance of Brent Hill as the Real Jesus is a huge contributing factor to the success of the show…Andrew Hallsworth’s choreography is perfect, and the technical elements are all spot on…here we have a musical that COULD well take Broadway by storm and be a genuinely Australian Breakout musical. It reminds me of Jerry Springer – The Opera, only far better in all respects
— Stage Whispers
A fantastic new Australian Musical
— Standing (inn)Ovation
Surely major new music theatre writers in the making.
— Aussie Theatre